Vote for you all time favorite cartoon Cute Kitty


Cats are some really awesome pets, I love em. Cartoon cats are great to! Have you noticed how cats are often portrayed in cartoons and animated films as the comic relief and/or the  antagonists? But no worries, cats have also played superhero. More often then not, cartoon cats are paired with a famous mouse character so that they can duke it out. Regardless if you are a fan of Under Dog or Puss in Boots, Thomas O’Malley or Snoopy, the fact of the matter is that cats rule.

So, on that note, who do you think is the greatest cartoon cat of all time?

Here’s a list of some of the most famous cartoon cats ever. Each of these cute kitty’s add their own brand of pizzazz to the wonderful world of cartoons. Which is your favorite?

Note if you favorite kitty is missing from the list just leave the info in the comments box and we’ll be sure that she/he gets included.


Arlene the cat. Garfield's on again off again romance


Arlene is Garfield’s lady friend and one of the only ones in his comic that can match his wit. The big gap between her two front teeth give her all the personality she needs.


Azrael of the Smurfs


Perhaps a lesser known cartoon cat, Azrazel is Gargamel’s partner in crime as he plots to destroy the gleefully blue smurfs.


Bill the Cat

Bill doesn’t say much, due to the fact that he has a bit of a hairball problem. He is best known for making his noises at Opus in Bloom County.




Bucky is an angry Siamese cat with a razor sharp wit. He’s usually the smartest guy in the room and never lets the dog forget it in the Get Fuzzy comic strip.


Cat in the Hat

Probably the most charismatic character of the Dr. Seuss books, the Cat in the Hat teaches us all to enjoy the ride.



Cheshire Cat

Perhaps the best part of Alice in Wonderland is the smarmy Cheshire Cat offering his brand of frustratingly useless advice.



Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat is always up for a good laugh. Whenever he gets in trouble he reaches into his bag of tricks.




Maybe one of the most widely known cat cartoon, Garfield is one cat with attitude. He isn’t interested in much, except lasagna, napping, lasagna, teasing the dog, oh, and did we mention lasagna?




The neighborhood bully Heathcliff manages to live up to his name. He keeps the neighborhood dogs guessing & always has time for a little romance.


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is not much of a talker, but she seems to be everywhere we look. She is loved and adored all over the world. It may shock you to learn that Hello Kitty is not a cute kitty after all! According to People Magazine

“Aug 27, 2014 – After 40 years of collecting the cash of cat lovers worldwide, Sanrio has revealed the secret of its star character, according to the Los Angeles Times. The startling truth was uncovered by anthropologist/Hello Kitty scholar Christine R. Yano, who has studied the phenomenon surrounding the minimalist meower for years.”


Hobbs of Calvin and Hobbes


What Hobbes is depends on whose perspective you prefer. To Calvin, Hobbes is a playmate & confidant – to everyone else Hobbes is a stuffed tiger.



Probably everyone has felt a little sympathy for poor Penelope as she is smothered in stinky kisses by none other than Pepe le Pew.



Pink Panther

The king of cool, Pink Panther started out as part of a title sequence and wound up becoming the most recognizable pink kitty in town.


Puss in Boots

This character comes from a French fable about a man who inherits an extraordinary cat (with a boot fetish no less) who has a plan for his unsuspecting master.




Little Sagwa is as sweet as she is cute. From the show named after her, Sagwa keeps us entertained as she learns from her own mistakes.




Bart & Lisa’s favorite show on The Simpsons, The Itchy & Scratchy Show pits cat & mouse against each other in a bloody statement about modern cartoons.




Everyone’s favorite lion, Simba’s story is a bittersweet one. However one thing is for certain, he was meant to be the Lion King.




Best known for his catch phrase “Heavens to Murgatroyd” Snagglepuss is not the sharpest cat cartoon. This Hanna-Barbera’s creation and was first introduced on The Quick Draw McGraw Show


snowball the cat from the Simpsons


Probably good friends with Bill the Cat, Snowball is best known for her hairballs and her random involvement in one of The Simpson’s latest schemes.



Definitely the dumbest cat on this page, Stimpy is not the sharpest tool in the shed. But he’s got to be pretty dim to share in Ren’s hair brained schemes.




With a catch phrase like “Thuffering Thuccotash” you wouldn’t believe Sylvester was bright, but we think he doesn’t really want to catch Tweety Bird.




Definitely the most exciting member of Winnie the Pooh’s gang, Tigger is almost obnoxiously energetic.



Tom Cat

Much like Sylvester, we think maybe Tom Cat isn’t as interested in catching Jerry the mouse  as he would have us all believe.


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