A Video featuring Fritz the Cat in The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (Full Movie)

Fritz The Cat in The Nine Lives of Fritz 

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, Full Movie




Fritz the Cat First appearance: January 1965 Of the many characters created by legendary underground cartoonist R. Crumb, Fritz is one of the most popular (arguably second only to Mr. Natural). Crumb first drew Fritz when he was a teen in 1959, and continued developing the character until its first published strip, "Fritz Comes on Strong," appeared in a 1965 issue of Harvey Kurtzman's "Help!" magazine. As Crumb published his own comics through the '60s, Fritz's counterculture adventures grew popular, leading to a 1972 feature directed by animator Ralph Bakshi. The movie is notable for being the first animated feature to receive an "X" rating.



Fritz the Cat. First ever animated feature to get an X rating

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