Garfield and Friends Season 2 Episode 1

Garfield and Friends

Garfield and Friends Season 2 Episode 1

“A pussycat lives in a middle town where Jon Arbuckle lives. Garfield goes on adventure and explores the difference of good and bad. Watch now: …”


Garfield First appearance: June 19, 1978 Garfield is the most popular (and most merchandised) cartoon cat in the world. But why? On paper, Garfield is deeply unlikable. After all, this is a character who’s such a grouch that he hates Mondays even though he’s never had a job. But Garfield is beloved, because he represents the malcontent id inside all of us. He’s the spirit in our hearts that wants to complain even when there’s nothing to complain about, a modern-culture trickster god through whom we can vicariously vent of all our most selfish and venal human impulses. That, and you can buy a coffee mug with Garfield playing golf on it, or whatever.

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