Here’s a Deluxe Anniversary Video Collection from Warner Bros featuring Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry star in a Curious Mouse

Tom and Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection

“Buy it on! The world’s favorite cat and mouse celebrate 7 decades of mischief and mayhem in the Tom and Jerry 70th Anniversary Collection.” Tom Cat First appearance: Feb. 10, 1940 If Krazy Kat is about the love a cat has for a mouse who responds with hate, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s “Tom and Jerry” rejiggers the formula to make the cat and mouse equally antagonistic rivals. Debuting in the 1940 short “Puss Gets the Boot,” Tom Cat has suffered the torment and torture of slapstick violence at Jerry’s gleeful hand for more than 70 years. Despite the racially insensitive characters that populate their early cartoons, Tom and Jerry have endured, and continue to star in new cartoons today. The latest film featuring the cartoon cat and mouse debuted in the summer of 2014.




















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