Heres another Video About another childhood favorite of mine Felix the Cat (1959) Master Cylinder – King of the Moon staring Felix the Cat and Pointdexter.

Felix the Cat (1959) Master Cylinder – King of the Moon

“It’s that Trash Can of Evil, the Master Cylinder. Here we learn the origin of Master Cylinder, how he flunked the Professor’s chemistry class because he kept …”

FELIX THE CAT First appearance: Nov. 9, 1919 Years before Mickey Mouse was a glint in Walt Disney’s eye, there was Felixthe Cat, the first cartoon sensation in the pre-Disney, pre-sound world of animated movies. The earliest version of Felix appeared in the 1919 cartoon”Feline Follies.” In the 1950s, he was given his iconic “bag of tricks” andearworm theme song. He’s remained a fixture of cartoons and comics ever since, still a recognizable icon nearly a century after his debut. In 2014, DreamWorks Animation acquired the rights to the character, so we expect to see something new from Felix the Cat soon.


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