Here’s Top Cat in Choo Choo Goes Go Go

Top Cat in Choo Choo Goes Go Go

"Top Cat 24 Choo Choo Goes Go Go…"

Top Cat First appearance: Sept. 27, 1961 Top Cat, aka T.C. to his close friends, is the most famous domestic cat in the Hanna-Barbera empire that dominated animated TV from the late 1950s through the early 1990s. The character is a suave alley cat who leads a gang of other colorful felines living on the streets of Manhattan. In a manner similar to how "The Flintstones" unofficially drew inspiration from "The Honeymooners," "Top Cat"appears in many ways to take elements from the military sitcom "The Phil Silvers Show," aka "Sgt. Bilko." Many believe that Arnold Stang, who voiced Top Cat, was obviously doing an impression of Silvers.

Top Cat

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