Video Bucky B. Katt in Get Fuzzy

Bucky B. Katt

Bucky B. Katt – Get Fuzzy

"I made a better video of Bucky B. but just incase youmay like this one better."

Bucky B. Katt First appearance: September 6, 1999 Bucky, the cat from the comic strip "Get Fuzzy," is one of the most recent in a long tradition of cartoon cats with bad attitudes. Along with Satchel Pooch the dog, Bucky lives with his bachelor owner, Rob, in a narrative structure similar to "Garfield," but in which everyone involved is more intelligent, and also more cynical. Bucky is a particularly irascible, devious and sarcastic character. Tellingly, "Get Fuzzy" creator Darby Conley frequently draws Bucky with his ears flattened, which is feline body language that any cat owner will recognize as a signal of anxiety and aggression.

Bucky B. Katt

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